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PICO Questions

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Patient or Population or Problem 

Intervention  Outcome  Student Team 
Example: Women ages 30-70 with Fibromyalgia  Yoga  Decrease in pain, Increase in function  Me and You 
Adults who have had a CVA  CIMT  Effect on motor function of affected UE  Macie and Joanna 
Children with cerebral palsy
Aquatic Therapy
Affect on motor function
Sarah and Bailey
People with SCI
Adaptive sports program
Affect on quality of life
Traci and  Lauren
Adults who have had CVA
NDT Affect on motor function  Ember and Kaleb
adults who have had CVA  Virtual Reality  Increase in UE motor function.  Darby and Haley E. 
Children with cerebral palsy  Hippotherapy  performance skills necessary for occupational participation  Abby and Mallory 
Adults who have had a CVA
Mirror therapy
Increase in motor function of affected UE
Carly and Amber
Children with ASD  Weighted Vest Participation in classroom Haley and Ashley 
Adults who have had a CVA  Mental Practice Affect on UE motor recovery  Hayley and Gabby 
Adults who have had a CVA Kinesiotape Impact on hemiplegic shoulder pain  Madison F. and Courtney 
Children with ASD  Hippotherapy  Improve social participation Hien and Madison S. 
School children with ASD Yoga Improve behavior and social interaction Leslie and Catherine 
Children with ASD  DIR Floortime  Improve emotional regulation  Sarah K and Seth  


1) Within the OT scope of practice

2) Two people on a team (only one team of 3)

3) No two teams can have the same PICO

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