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I suggest you start with an overview of cancer survivorship at https://www.uptodate.com/contents/overview-of-cancer-survivorship-care-for-primary-care-and-oncology-providers?search=cancer%20survivorship&source=search_result&selectedTitle=1~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=1 (or search for 'cancer survivorship' in UpToDate)


Reference and Link  Summary of the Evidence  Students Providing Evidence 
https://www.uptodate.com/contents/overview-of-psychosocial-issues-in-the-adult-cancer-survivor?search=psychosocial%20effects%20of%20cancer&source=search_result&selectedTitle=4~150&usage_type=default&display_rank=4  psychosocial factors in adults who have survived cancer  Traci, Bailey, Ashley, Lauren, Courtney
https://www.aota.org/~/media/Corporate/Files/Publications/CE-Articles/CE-Article-September-2018.pdf  Role of OT based off of cancer treatment   Ember, Leslie, Gabby, Haley. Macie 
https://insights.ovid.com/crossref?an=00002060-201105001-00002  Role of PT and OT in treating clients with cancer  Kaleb, Madison F., Joanna, Hayley, Sarah 




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