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&p>Please assign members of your small group to a committee.


Committees  Pain  Complications  Cognition  Fatigue  Psychosocial 
Needs Assessment  Gabby Dupuy  Seth Sweeten  Mallory Parnell  Madison Fakouri  Traci Winborne 
Cost Analysis  Ember Gryder  Hien Nguyen  Madison Schuetz  Sarah LeBouef  Bailey Hagan 
Funding  Macie Branch  Haley Taylor  Catherine Lane  Hayley Montgomery  Courtney Michel 
Proposal  Leslie May  Sarah Kline  Carly Toups and Amber Lambert  Joanna Petersen   Lauren Burkett 
Presentation  Haley Englade  Darby Durel  Abby Hinds  Kaleb Blondin  Ashley Hunter 
List of Interventions Hydrotherapy/Aquatic, pilates, TENS, manual therapy 

Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) combined with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLB) and exercise. 


Health management and maintenance lymphedema group


Home modification for safety with neuropathy


Education on neuropathy; home evaluation; and diet change

financial management (budgeting, simple math, use of calendar)


Shopping to plan a party/event (group activity, focus on shopping) 

Education on energy conservation in kitchen,  cooking/meal preparation to incorporate energy conservation during meal prep, home exercise program, work visit, energy conservation at work, ergonomics, zumba group Yoga, social cooking group, negative thought journaling, education on weekly scheduling, sleep hygiene routine, identifying roles/coping strategies, explore new leisure activities




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